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Joining professionals, students from middle school through post-graduate are choosing to explore adoption, foster care, and the child welfare system in reports, studies, and theses. Research resources provide access to facts and figures, trends, statistics, and other materials.

2000 Census Report on Adopted Children & Stepchildren
For the first time in U.S. history, the 2000 Census included questions about adopted children. View the results.

Current Events
Keep up with adoption and foster care making the headlines around the world.

History of Adoption
The practice of adoption dates back at least as far as the 18th century BC. Trace its evolution from the earliest written laws through to the present.

Encyclopedia of Adoption
Reprinted here in its entirety, the Encyclopedia offers a wealth of information about adoption, foster care, and child welfare.

Glossary of Terms
If you've got a question about a word or phrase, here are definitions of terms commonly used in connection with adoption and foster care.

If you're looking for a well-known person connected to adoption, check this list. We've also got biographies for many members of the adoption and foster care communities.

Open Adoption
Open adoption is a newer practice in adoption, and very much a topic of studies and research. It does not mean shared parenting. Learn what it does mean with definitions, explanations, opinions, personal accounts, and legal considerations.

Open Records
Learn about this issue that has the adoption community locked in debate. Sealed adoption records prevent adult adopted persons from obtaining personal information about themselves that is available to all other adults. The issue, supporters, opponents, and ways to get involved can be found here.

Researchers Investigating Various Aspects of Intl. Adoption
This listing of ongoing (and completed) research is an excellent resource for those considering international adoption (mainly from Eastern Europe). Current research is described, and links are provided to completed studies.

Statistics & Trends
Adoption statistics and trends, as reported from various research organizations and groups in the US and Canada, concern policies and practices in adoption and foster care.

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